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Image by Sangharsh Lohakare

Submit a piece as a guest author...

The Virginia Medical Review happily accepts submissions for publication from guest authors. If you are not interested in becoming a member at this time, but would like to put forth an article for publication, please send it to


Articles must generally pertain to science or medicine, be at least 200 words in length (there is no upper limit), must be free of most grammatical errors, and should approach sensitive topics tactfully. Please submit an accompanying photo for the article (use "labeled for free use" on Google to avoid copyright infringement), as well as an author headshot and brief biography (name, year, major, and one or two activities/interests).

Submitted pieces can absolutely consist of past or current classwork, or previously published works (provided that the other publication does not prohibit you from submitting to additional organizations).

Because the Review always seeks to fulfill its dual mission of both publication and cultivation, please note in your submission email if you desire to meet with one of our editors to discuss strong points and areas for improvement.

The Virginia Medical Review reserves the right to make any alterations to submitted works that it deems necessary prior to publication.

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